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Torchwood, episode 1.11 “Combat”

You promised to keep a hold of your life.  Don’t let it drift.

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Joseon Gunman, episodes 13 & 14

Love and pride,.. such luxuries are too extravagant for the likes of us 


Most men - it is my experience - are neither virtuous nor scoundrels, good-hearted nor bad-hearted. They are a little of one thing and a little of the other and nothing for any length of time: ignoble mediocrities. But a few men remain always true to a single extreme character: these are the men who leave the strongest mark in history, and I should divide them into four classes.

First there are the scoundrels with stony hearts, of whom Macro, the Guards Commander under Tiberius and Caligula, was an outstanding example. Next come the virtuous men with equally stony hearts, of whom Cato the Censor, my bugbear, was an outstanding example. The third class are the virtuous men with golden hearts, such as old Athenodorus and my poor murdered brother Germanicus. And last and most rarely found are the scoundrels with golden hearts, and of these Herod Agrippa was the most perfect instance imaginable.

It is the scoundrels with the golden hearts, these anti-Catos, who make the most valuable friends in time of need. You expect nothing from them. They are entirely without principle, as they themselves acknowledge, and only consider their own advantage. But go to them when in desperate trouble and say, “For God’s sake do so-and-so for me,” and they will almost certainly do it - not as a friendly favour but, they will say, because it fits in with their own crooked plans: and you are forbidden to thank them.

These anti-Catos are gamblers and spendthrifts; but that is at least better than being misers. They also associate constantly with drunkards, assassins, crooked businessmen and procurers; yet you seldom see them greatly the worse for liquor themselves, and if they arrange an assassination you may be sure that the victim will not be greatly mourned, and they defraud the rich defrauders rather than the innocent and needy, and they consort with no woman against her will. Herod himself always insisted that he was congenitally a rogue. To which I would reply, “No, you are a fundamentally virtuous man wearing the mask of roguery.” This would make him angry.


— Claudius on his antihero friend Herod Agrippa in Robert Graves’ Claudius the God


How can this flesh be so soft and yielding, and yet your heart be like an iron fist?


How can this flesh be so soft and yielding, and yet your heart be like an iron fist?

Sailor Moon Crystal, episode 04 “Masquerade Ball”

Even if I am a princess, where’s the fun if I’m all alone? 

Finished reading: I, Claudius: From the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, by Robert Graves.


Ten years, fifty days and three,

Clau- Clau- Clau shall given be

A gift that all desire but he.


To a fawning fellowship

He shall stammer, cluck and trip,

Dribbling always with his lip.


But when he’s dumb and no more here,

Nineteen hundred years or near,

Clau- Clau- Claudius shall speak clear.


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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

But that’s crazy!  Who would send a probe hundred of lightyears to talk to whales?

[The really crazy thing is how the movie NEVER ANSWERS THAT QUESTION!]

Tokyo Ghoul, episodes 06 “Cloudburst” & 07 “Captivity”

She new she was wrong, but she kept on desperately fighting anyways.

"In Noctern"by AudreyBenjaminsen

"In Noctern"by AudreyBenjaminsen

Torchwood, episode 1.10 “Out of Time”

There’s no puzzle to solve, no enemy to fight.  Just three lost people, who’ve somehow become our responsibility.

Joseon Gunman, episodes 11 & 12

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