Attack on Titan, episodes 23~25 “Stohess District Raid” (end of season one)

I’ve said it before: anyone unwilling to compromise will never be able to change anything in this world.  To confront monsters you must even be ready to leave your own humanity behind.  Those who understand this truth with always triumph.

I don’t really get it though.  To defeat the titans by becoming a monster in turn… would that really be a victory for mankind? 


Work by Koen Hauser in GUP Magazine #36


Work by Koen Hauser in GUP Magazine #36

Attack on Titan, episodes 21 & 22: “The Iron Hammer” & “The Vanquished” (The 57th Expedition, parts V & VI)

This latest failure has convinced me that we cannot hope to defeat our enemy if we keep to the straight and narrow path.  More risks must be taken, more sacrifices made…

Attack on Titan, episodes 19 & 20: “Bite” & “Erwin Smith” (The 57th Expedition, parts III & IV)

Whether to trust and rely on yourself or to trust and rely on your comrades… Even I don’t know which is the right choice.  I can only tell you to try and choose what you’ll regret less.

Attack on Titan, episodes 17 & 18: “The Female Titan” & “Forest of Giant Trees” (The 57th Expedition, parts I & II)

That boy is a monster, and not just because of what he can do.  No matter how tightly you control him, no matter what cage you put him in, no one will ever tame him.

Game of Thrones, episode 4.03 “Breaker of Chains”

The world is overflowing with horrible things, but they’re all a tray of cakes next to death.

Attack on Titan, episodes 14~16 “Eve of the Counteroffensive (Parts I, II, & III)”

I firmly believe that how they appear to us is nothing like how they really are.

Look carefully.  What do you see?  Who is the real enemy, do you think?

Attack on Titan, episodes 11~13 “Icon”, “Flaw”, & “Primal Desire” (Attack on Trost, parts VII, VIII, & IX)

Wen we’re born, we’re all of us born free.  Whosoever would deny that freedom, however strong they may be, I will fight them to my death.

I’m scrambling to finish Attack on Titan quickly because I rather desperately want to avoid spoilers, sooo… yeah there’s gonna be a lot of AoT posts from me coming up sorry:)


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